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Missouri Times Magazine again lists Watson LLC in 100+ List

Watson LLC is honored to be featured again in the Missouri Times Magazine 100+

You always want someone on your side at the Capitol That is one of the reasons Trent Watson is a person you should know. Having worked with him on common issues prior ot him coming on board with us, I knew he was trustworthy and highly respected, qualities that are essential to being scucessful in that environment, but he was also extremely effective. That fact was very prominent in our decision to hire him as our consultant. Trent know sthe process, the players and has the political instincts needed to make the right move at the right time. Much of what makes him successful is the fact that he loves what he does! Ther will always be som epretty rough days over there, but good lobbyists keep an even keel. Trent certainly does. It is not a job for everyone but he definitely has found his niche…

Read more! This feature by Dick Burke originally appeared on The Missouri Times Magazine, page 27 on March 25, 2019.